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    The University of Lille (ULille) is a multidisciplinary university, covering 4 training areas: Sciences and Technologies; Life Sciences and Health; Arts, Literature, Languages, Human and Social Sciences; Law, Economics and Management. There, research plays an essential role, which enjoys strong ties with leading bodies such as CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, Pasteur Lille and Lille University Hospital. ULille has been involved in more than 100 European research projects.

    The researchers from ULille who are involved in the FAIR project are part of the Cognitive & Affective Sciences Laboratory (SCALab) UMR CNRS 9193. The lab is developing research on cognition, emotions and beliefs. Within a multidisciplinary approach, the research topics are at the intersection between psychology, neuroscience and medicine giving a central place to the adaptive role of behavior.

    In respect to the FAIR project, our research will investigate stakeholder views on the acceptability and adaptability of nebulized flagellin as an adjunct to antibiotics. To this aim, we will work with ERS/ELF, and the leaders of WP6 (Phase I clinical trial) and WP7 (Pneumonia patients – Cohort Study).


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    Delphine Grynberg, PhD

    Assistant Professor(Co-leader of WP8)

    Christelle Duprez, PhD
    Christelle Duprez, PhD/ Research Engineer /
    Christelle Duprez, PhD/ Research Engineer /
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